Math Classes

Not sure if someone will be able to answer this, but the admissions person at one of the places I’m applying to is out of office for a month-ish.

I am applying to Iowa State, and I have to fill out my “core courses” and the length of each course. For math, Pre-calc, stats, calc, geometry and algebra 1 I understand, but Freshman year I took a course called “Advanced Algebra with Trig Honors” which is Algebra 2 with trig. Should I mark it as 2 semesters of each since we did Algebra 2 primarily with trig topics thrown into each unit and an extra unit, should I do one semester of each or 2 of Algebra 2 and 1 of Trig. It was definitely Algebra centered, but Iowa State requires that you have 1 year of Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2.

Thanks for the help!

The application specifies “Three years required, including one year each of algebra I, geometry, and algebra II.”, so I’d suggest putting 1 year for Algebra II.

Many schools combine Trig with either Algebra 2 or pre-calc. The way they have it structured, it’s hard to indicate this. Unless you took a specific 1/2 year class called Trig, I’d chalk that full year up under Algebra 2 or Pre-calc, since Trig isn’t “required”.

Is this due in less than a month, and/or is there only one person in the entire admissions office at Iowa State?

(fwiw - what a weird application. My D didn’t have the “required” 1 year of Algebra or Geometry in the 8th-grade and later options they provide, and I suspect many others don’t either)