Math course question from a De Anza student

<p>For De Anza students:</p>

<p>Is Stats (Math 10) a UC transferable course, and does it fulfill IGETC's math requirement? I checked, and it has a little + sign next to it that apparently means "Transfer credit is limited by either UC or CSU or both. Please consult with a counselor."</p>

<p>I tried asking, but apparently I got stuck with one of the more useless counselors, because all they did was refer me back to Can anyone here help me out?</p>

<p>It is transferable and does fulfill IGETC's math requirement.
I applied to the UC's (already admitted to UCSC) and have gone through all the process and still don't know why it says that "transfer credit is limited." My guess is that some majors, like pych, would rather have Psyc 15 than Math 10 for Stats.</p>

<p>That's good news - I already have to take it as a poli sci prereq, so I wasn't thrilled about the idea of taking another math course to fulfill IGETC. Thank you!</p>

<p>alansda's guess is correct. Also, Soc 15, and Math 23. You can only recieve credit for one if you take any combination of those courses.</p>

<p>Anyone taking Stats next quarter? I'm taking it with Desliets, if anyone has had her before feel free to let me know what to expect.</p>

<p>From by selecting UC transferable courses</p>

<p>o MATH 10 Elementary Statistics 2A 5 UC-M
and Probability </p>

<p>o 10,23, PSYC 15, and SOC 15 combined: maximum credit, one course</p>

<p>As you can see Math 10 is a transferable course (since it is listed under UC transferable courses by selecting the math depatement) and the UC system does limit transferability of this course.</p>

<p>I saw that, but I thought it might mean that I had to take a trifecta of courses in order for it to transfer properly or something like that. Thank you, though!</p>