Math + English —> Computer Science Personal Statement Idea

So I was brainstorming ideas for my personal statement, and I have a couple of ideas. One of which is how I love to write, read, speak, and I also love math. I am thinking of talking about how both need each other, and how both had significant impacts on me. And then, I would tie it with how Computer Science requires both my passions, so it was the perfect major. Does this seem like an interesting common app essay? I can tie it into a metaphor where once these two separate threads are weaved together, a bracelet is formed—Computer Science.

It seems like Cal Newport’s actual life. :wink:

It depends.

If you’re applying to an array of schools and some have supplementals, you will likely be asked at some point - why are you majoring in what you are majoring - and it might be more of that.

In the common app- they want to learn about you. It may be you collect butterflies or speak 7 languages or have a passion for service. I always say it but the girl who took the full ride to Auburn over her Yale admission wrote about waiting for Papa Johns.

You can - but don’t necessarily have to write about - your planned major, etc. I know someone who wrote about the yellow fuzz on a tennis ball. My daughter wrote about tea.

So go crazy - but yes, have it tie back into you…but it doesn’t have to tie into your major…but it could. But if you’re doing lots of schools, you might hold that idea for later.

Papa John’s Essay Helps High School Senior Get Into Yale (