Math Experimental - Section 7

<p>Did anyone have a test like this:
1. Essay
2. Math (includes SPR questions)
3. Reading
4. Writing
5. Math
6. Reading (includes 2 long passages)
7. Equating (the one that doesn't count toward your score)
8. Math
9. Reading
10. Writing</p>

<p>Where the Equating Section 7 was a Math section. Anyone remember problems??</p>

<p>I am pretty sure I had this, but I have no idea what the problems were...</p>

<p>People please name a few problems!</p>

<p>What are SPR questions?</p>

<p>SPR are student produced responses aka gridins like the math had</p>

<p>AAAH i have no idea what problems were in this question !

<p>bumppp :) :) :)</p>

<p>yea i had that one the 7th section was not math but a writing, i think equating just means the one collegeboard is using for experimental purposes.</p>