Math ExpLR Results?

Hi everyone. I recently applied for UCI’s Math ExpLR program. Today was supposed to be the result announcement day but I haven’t heard from them yet. Has anyone gotten in or heard from the program? Thank you!

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Hey, I also applied to the program and have not heard back from them. On their website, it says that “Accepted students will be notified of their status by 03/31/2021.” I’m assuming that since we haven’t heard back, we weren’t accepted. I don’t know anyone that has heard back/gotten in.

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I haven’t heard back either so I assume I didn’t get in. Have you gotten any updates recently?

Same here, I have not heard from them either. I do think they should notify all the applications their decision no matter they are rejected or accepted as a courtesy. Let us all send emails to them to ask for our status.

I got in and received an email. I assume they send emails only to accepted students. They give you one week period to accept the offer or not so if some students don’t accept they might contact you later!

If you mind sharing, what were your stats/ECs? Is it a competitive program?

I ended up getting an email on April 4th after sending an email in.

(it was an acceptance)