Math Finance/Statistics or Economics

<p>I need to decide between UCI and UCSB.</p>

UCI : Economics
UCSB: Math Finance/Stat</p>

<p>If I got to Irvine I will probably double major with Math. If I go to UCSB I will probably double major with Economics. So I have 2 critera: First, which school would give me the best opportunity for a good job after graduation and possibly an internship (while in college). Secondly, which Economics (Social Sciences) department is better?</p>

<p>One UCSB specific question is, how "good" is the Math Finance/Stats Major? ("good" meaning, please tell me how much you know about the major).</p>

<p>Also, the "Social Life" doesn't matter to me, I realize each school is very unique (Beach, Irvine), but I know I will have an amazing time at whatever school I choose to go to.</p>