Math for Stern

<p>Is it needed to be in AP Calculus AB by junior year? Because I will only be in pre cal honors by my junior year. I can only submit my AP cal score by my senior year. However, I will have AP scores for computer science, micro/macroeconomics, and world history by junior year. Is this enough for Stern? Will not having an AP math score impact my chances in any way? Thanks.</p>

<p>You do not need AP calc to get into stern. Stern does not even accept calculus, stats, and micro/macro economic test scores so you will have to take them in college again.</p>

<p>Thanks. I was actually wondering whether it will be a disadvantage for me if I am not ahead in math. I have seen many seniors having BC in their stats, so will only having AB make me look weak during the admission process?</p>

<p>u definitely need a high level of math to get into stern. That's like saying you don't need to be tall in order to get into the NBA. You don't HAVE to but you would be at a SERIOUS disadvantage.</p>