Math for the USNA

I am wondering about applying to the Navel Accademy, namely what math class to take at my local University, while I go through the Navel application. I took AP and Honors everything in high school and obtained enough college credits that my university administration councilor said I do not have to take math for any degree they offer, this includes calculus, unless I wanted to re-take and pay for the same class I already took. I know I would have to retake math if accepted into the Accademy and the Accademy would like recommendations from m the math and English departments. However, is there a way that I do not have to take calculus at my local university, when there is no need, only to turn around and take calculus again at the Accademy?

Thank you in advance.

Your guidance counselor probably has experience with kids applying to the USNA. What does he or she suggest? indicates that the first year USNA curriculum requires calculus. It also notes that the USNA has its own placement tests for those who have taken college courses elsewhere to place out or ahead of first year courses.

Naval, not navel as in belly button and orange. And the word ‘academy’ is spelled with one letter c and not 3 of them.