Math Grad school/PhD with low GPA

I really want to go to grad school or a Ph.D. program for math but I am at the end of my junior year and my GPA is 2.62

What are my chances of finding a program that would accept me? I know I won’t get into a good University but is there any grad school where I have a chance at getting in?

They don’t look at your high school grades your fine

@mjanardhanan Is the 2.62 from undergrad?

What have your Math professors advised you about this?

If you’re GPA is under 3.0 it’s going to be a big time uphill battle to get into ANY graduate program.

@mjanardhanan - Welcome to the Forum. Ph.D. programs generally have a minimum GPA of 3.00/4.00 so you are unlikely to get into a Ph.D. program if you finish your undergraduate program with a GPA under 3.00. The option you have is to find a university where you can take some graduate courses on a part-time probationary basis to demonstrate that you can do the work at the graduate level. Then you may have to see if you can complete an MS (self-funded, of course) with a good enough GPA and enough research experience to make you a viable candidate for a Ph.D.

Your best option might be to work for a while then start the process of taking some graduate courses. Getting some work experience can help in some cases.