math help for the Dec. test

<p>Ok, here I am, a senior, and woefully unprepared for the math part of the SAT. I took it the first time last Oct. and got 450 on the math. I desperately need help to raise it for the Dec. test. I had algebra 1 in 9th, and barely passed, so I took Tech. Math I/II the next 2 years and did reasonably well. But I didn't understand how to do a lot of the math. I tried to get into college algebra for dual enrollment, but failed to math test. Any advice? Otherwise my friend said he could load my calculator up with programs, but I wouldn't be able to use them if I can't recognize which problems to plug in.</p>

<p>Yikes! All right, so what you need to go is get a math refresher. I reccomend Grubers. It'll teach you everything you never learned and more. </p>

<p>Buy it now, there's no time to lose!</p>