Math I vs Math II

I’m currently taking AP Calc BC and was wondering which subject test I should take. I was wondering how much harder math 2 is than math 1 since my ACT math score is quite low (31). Which one would top schools expect me to take and what are the average scores?

If you’ve taken precalc, schools will expect math 2 over math 1.

Many students have found that going “back” to take the “easier” Math 1 exam actually results in a lower score, as it’s been a while since the had the material. Math 1 should be taken after Geometry or Algebra 2, and Math 2 after pre-calc/trig. Nothing you’re covering in Calc will be on either, so you’ll need to revisit older topics either way.

I agree, any top school where an applicant has taken Calc will probably expect to see Math 2. Especially if it’s taken this late.

Average scores for the test are on the College Board web site. Average scores for applicants for a specific college would depend on the college.

Agree with the two posts above. Colleges would expect math 2 over math 1. The curve is much more lenient on math 2

The subject tests are trivial when compared to AP calculus BC in terms of the rigour. If you expect a 4 or 5 on the AP then trust me you’ll sail through the Subject tests. Math 2 is probably a requirement for MIT. I don’t remember for sure since I was going to take 2 anyway. It is important to note that while a perfect score on 1 is better than a 700 ish score on 2 showing the appetite for challenge also goes a long way with universities or they are lying on their admissions blog. With a little bit of practice you can easily score an 800.

An 800 on Math I usually requires you to answer all questions correctly. Typically, you can still score an 800 with as many as 5 or 6 incorrect answers on Math II. Neither test should be difficult for a BC student. Just watch out for careless mistakes.

@skieurope @RichInPitt @drearyandweary @Le1Harsh @Tw1ssT Thanks for all the advice! Just wondering what score I would need to get to have a shot a Wharton? I didn’t do very well on the ACT math (31) and was wondering what would be the minimum score that could balance that out.