Math Iic 800

<p>For the October 2004 SAT2 test I took Math 2C and got an 800 but its 90th percentile. My friend also got an 800 and 90%. Has anyone gotten a percentile above 90th?</p>

<p>My friend also got an 800 and 90%</p>

<p>All that means is that more people do well on that particular test.</p>

<p>Maybe I'm stupid but shouldn't some people have gotten a higher percentile than 90th? I know that the curve is nice and all but still...?</p>

<p>It depends on the scores of previous test takers.</p>

<p>It just means that 10% of the people got 800s. Those 10% can't have done better than each other since they all reached the top score.</p>

<p>Yea, vitamin1 is right. The test makers purposely curve the scores that way. The curve is seemingly more "easy" than that of the Math IC - which is true - but keep in mind that, often, the more advanced math kids take the Math IIC, so the "smart" are being compared with the "smart" - a harder curve might not give the students what they truly deserve if being compared with the all students.</p>

<p>i took it in June and got a 800 but still my percentage was 90% COMPARED TO THE CLASS OF 2003</p>

<p>90%ile too.</p>

<p>well, you can't really get a better percentile unless you get above an 800...</p>

<p>Everyone got a (0% no matter what their raw score would have been.</p>

<p>90% i mean</p>

<p>Anyone recommend retaking a 770 Math IIC (81%)?</p>

<p>The middle 50% split at MIT is 740-800 for Math, so it would be competitive for MIT.</p>

<p>got an 800 @ 90th percentile</p>

<p>i'm confused, people speak of taking SATIIs over again, but score choice is dead. does this mean that you take it over but colleges will still see the low scores? does this sway them?</p>

<p>and the IQR (middle 50%) of MIT is between 740 and 800? so the top FOURTH of the applicants accepted all got 800s? wow. if only my gpa didn't reek...</p>

<p>The colleges will get your entire high school transcript. This will include ALL SAT II scores. This does sway them, in some ways - Harvard even states that "previous scores are considered" (or something to that effect). However, it is still advisable to retake a ... say ... 600 if you're aiming for an Ivy. If you get the 800, you can put that on your application, even though the 600 will still be on your transcript.</p>