Math IIC Curve comparison -Fall vs June

<p>Anyone have a feeling for whether the curves are different between the June and the Oct/Nov tests? Do all the wickedly smart math kids take IIC in June?</p>

<p>The curve is determined before the test, based on its difficulty, not after the test when everyone has taken it. Hence, I don't think it matters much.</p>


<p>But I think the curve is different for each administration. Is this intentional?</p>

<p>I took both the June and October tests for IIC. The June test was a bit harder. 700 first time, 800 next time</p>

<p>Kate - Yes, the curve is different for each administration. However, its determined before the students take the test, not after. So the curve is not dependent on whether or not 'smart' kids take the test.</p>

<p>know anything of the curve on december 2c's?</p>