math IIc score???

<p>i took the math IIc today
i ended up leaving 12 blank
and i'm pretty sure i got 3-5 wrong...
could someone please tell me what score range this looks like??? hopefully i don't have to cancel my scores...
thank you!!!!</p>

<p>I did the same on a practice test on sparknotes, and got 680.
Left 13 blank and got 4 wrong I think.
I don't know how sparknotes grades it though, but I think you'll be okay if you didn't get more than 4 wrong. The curve is known to be pretty generous.</p>

<p>let's say that you left 12 blanks and 4 wrong
then according to Barron's yout score will be
34 - 1= 33 --> 800-(44-33)10=700
I left out 4 and hepoefully get all the others right
but expecting about 3-5 wrong...</p>