Math Iic Seems Different/easy

<p>Wow this exam was quite simple, however it seemed different from past exams which were much harder. Anyone else feel like this exam should have been a IC exam</p>

<p>yes the first 5 problems were like SATI stuff</p>

<p>Maybe you accidentally took the IC exam?</p>

<p>The first like 30-40 problems are always easy, and the last few are tricky</p>

<p>Hi Zante, </p>

<p>No I didnt take the IC exam. I breifly went past the exam and it looked very difficult. The only problem i had difficulty on was the periodic function. I put f(100)=1.</p>

<p>crap... i put 0...</p>

<p>What?! the test was hard... I ran outta time and left like 10 blank and guess 3. Can i still break 750?</p>

<p>This exam had very easy questions but i had a call of nature and went to the restroom. so i left 6 blank and guessed on 4. any chance of breaking a 750.</p>

<p>i did horrible on the practice tests. . .but i too thought this was really easy. maybe you and I just work well under pressure.</p>

<p>Talk aboutpressure. i am like a us citizen from another country who came to usa this august. i am like living alone. i was up the whole night preparing for SAT 2 physics. I aced the physics test. i drank 5 energy drinks just ot keep me going. when u live alone its tough to manage</p>

<p>that's crazy desbravo, kudos to you! which energy drinks? red bull? ;)</p>

<p>yes. REd bull the greatest. Besdies anyone knows the answer to the pyramid's lateral face altitude question. the hieght was 8 so i put the altitude the same. i just guessed that altitutde is the same as hieght. ?????</p>

<p>i use pythagrean. The 8 was the hypotenuse and 2 was one leg of it since one side was 4 (4/2 = 2)</p>

<p>no dude, had to think of it as if u were going INSIDE the pyramid kinda lol, so u make a triangle connecting the center of pyramid to the midpoint of the triangle base, which is one half the length of the square side, or 2, the 8 is the heigh tof the pyramid in the center making it the longer leg and the altitude of the face connects the apex of the pyramid with the midpoint of its base, so that was the hypotenuse, 2^2 + 8^2 =8.246211251</p>

<p>i liked my practice tests way more than thsi test</p>

<p>yep altitude on pyramid sum definitely 8.25. it cant be 8 for the simple reason that the triangular faces slant and taper to a pont for the pyramid so its altitude has to be bigger than 8. that eliminates all answer choices except for the last 2 and you use pythagoras from there...</p>