Math IIC Trouble

<p>Hey I scored 790 on the SAT I & am in Calc AB right I didn't think I'd have too much trouble w/ IIC (all I hear about is how sweet the curve is)</p>

<p>But I've scored 690 & 670 on my 2 REA practice tests (is this book hard?). </p>

<p>My main problem is that I have a really hard time finishing, & have been skipping every single one that I won't be able to do quickly just to make it in under the time limit.</p>

<p>stambliark, I have the same problem! Math has always been my best subject, but I the SAT II is just really really difficult! </p>

<p>I've been studying out of Barron's and my scores are like 600-650 and out of the tests I took, I only finished one on time. On average, I skip about 10 problems each test and then I get like a million wrong. </p>

<p>I heard other people put a bunch of programs in their calculators and just used those, but I only used a program once or twice per test... </p>

<p>When are you taking your SAT II? Mine's in May, in the middle of AP tests, which I'm spending more time studying for, so I'm really freaked out about math.</p>

<p>SATII is really easier than the practice books make it look...
using Barron's SAT IIC last year i was freaking out, but the actual is much easier. (i was in calc AB last yr also).</p>

<p>what sucked most was that i ran out of time, missing 2 more q's than i wouldve, so pace yourself. </p>

<p>satiic = "probablity, combination, sin/cos stuff, basic geometry and algebra.."</p>

<p>Is MathIIC really that hard? (I am in Honors Algebra this year and will be taking Honors PreCalc next year.) I have been advised to take MathIIC next year(I am currently in 10th grade), plus SATII Chem and US History (after the APs next year). I have been thinking of taking the Math I this year but people were saying something like the new SATI covers a lot of what is in Math I and to just do the Math IIC. Should I take the Math I this year?</p>

<p>The other reason I am freaking out is that I would have to do 3 SATII Tesst next year in June, 3 APs in May plus of course the SAT1 which I have not decided to take in March or May of next year.</p>

<p>Any help?</p>

<p>bumpers + 10 char</p>

<p>stambliark, what are the 2 REA tests?</p>

<p>the 1st 2 practice tests out of the REA IIC book</p>

<p>do not take IC. no matter what</p>

<p>no i wont. worst case scenario i'll prep like crazy over the summer. i just didn't think this test was going to take the kind of effort im putting into this history SAT II!!!!!</p>

<p>i don't know if this helps at all, but i signed up for 3 tests in one day, stayed up all night reviewing us history (hadn't done much with it since ~4 mo earlier and had a term paper due the day before) and almost didn't take the math ii that day because i hadn't reviewed at all... skimmed my precalc book while i waited in line at the highschool and ended up with a 780. i did well in precalc and studied really hard, but was by no means the whizkid.. i think if you took a relatively rigorous precalc class you should do fine because it was none of the fancy stuff-- my biggest problem was remembering where the ! and other buttons were on my calculator, and of course time (i didn't get to the last 3 and still managed a high score) i'm guessing your practice books are just hard-- oh and there was one w. polars that took me forever because i forgot how to do them-- so remember those too
if you are taking the calc exam, skim over some trig as well (it will probably help on a few of the calc mc's too)-- you'll do fine!!</p>

<p>yeah i will prob just retake. this is just to get a feel for it...if i manage to do well then im done, if not, i know how much work i need to do.</p>

<p>sorry i dont mean to steal this post but is sparknotes reliable for the test?</p>