Math iic vs. ic

<p>I am planning on majoring in political science and I am not really looking to go into any field that stresses the importance of math so is it ok to take math ic over math iic? Will colleges look down on me if I dont plan on taking the iic test? I forgot a lot of the stuff in iic and I do not feel comfortable taking it. By the way, I have already taken analysis and I am planning on taking AP Calc next semester.</p>

<p>this question comes up every few days. </p>

<p>yes, take 2c since u've taken math analysis.</p>

<p>how to prepare for the test?
get barrons or pr and a ti89. be very flexible and fast with the 89.</p>

<p>i'm taking the test in december, no way i'm getting less than a 800 =D hehe.</p>