Math Level 1 or Level 1C?

<p>I have just begun a common application for some universities I want to apply to; but under the SAT II subject test, there are two selections for each of the math subject tests (Math level 1, then Math level IC, and so on.). Can anybody tell me what this means?
(On collegeboard, my registration only says Math level 1 and Math level 2...I assumed that meant IC and IIC because there weren't any other options.)</p>

<p>math level 1=math 1c
math level 2=math 2c</p>

<p>Yes....thanks for the reply; but why are there two for each?</p>

<p>the "c" stands for calculator</p>

<p>I'm not sure what you're asking but if you're asking why there is more than one line for the subject tests to put your score, it's because some people retake and so they would have more than one score.</p>

<p>If you're asking why are there two types of subject tests, there's two so you can choose which level you'd be comfortable with.</p>

<p>There is Math 1C and Math 2C...2C covers more advanced math, things covered in algebra 2 and precalculus</p>

<p>applesatyr, I also saw the four different SAT II math selections on the Common Application...I have no idea why they included those. As the official name is apparently IC and IIC, that is what I selected.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies guys..that really helped. I'm glad the universities have this common app; it makes it a lot easier to apply there, especially when 11 or 12 of the schools where you are applying use it.</p>