MAth Level 2 scores for ivies and other top schools

<p>I think i might have gotten 5-6 wrong on this June 2008 test, which is a 800(hopefully) or maybe even a 790 or lower. The thing with an 800 is colleges dont know if you were perfect or whether you made like 4-5 mistakes. My question is if I plan on applying to the top notch schools would I be better off retaking it and trying to get a clear cut 800, or should i keep my score as it is, and try to hope for an 800?</p>


<p>Yeah you're really on the edge...but I think we've established that the curve will probably be 43=800 and if you didn't get more than 6 wrong you should get an 800. So, don't cancel and keep your score. At worst you'll get an 790 but you'll be okay.</p>

<p>bump any other opinions?</p>

<p>43 is an 800? thats a bit optimistic??</p>

<p>personally i think its going to be 44/45=800 but thats just me. Others seem to say its going to 43=800 but maybe its just what they wish would happen...</p>

<p>suppose i were to cancel and retake in october/november would the questions be difficult. i am curious about this since personally this june test was quite easy however i made several mistakes like not adding the initial 50 for the adult catering service and putting the x coordinate for the basically im wondering whether the difficulty of the test will be more in the early months of the upcoming school year..thanks</p>

<p>even a 770+ probably looks fine to top's curved nicely for a reason - b/c it's a high level math test. so think of a 780 as a 730-750 on regular math - still not bad and definitely at the top of the ranges for ivies</p>

<p>would a 770+ on math 2 make up for a 690 SAT I score? (i always choke on the math section and it's my best subject)</p>

wow im in the same predicament. 690 SAT Math I. unfortunately im not doing as well as I hoped on the june sat ii and ending up with a 740-750 depending on the curve. i was retaking the sat I in october anyway. It would have been nice with a higher one but you cant always get what you want.</p>

<p>its not like one sat II score is going to ruin college chances, it'll be other things. i have a 690 already in bio from being naive about the process in 9th grade due to my stupid teacher's insistence we all must take it (let's say i was one of the highest of those that took it) so I shouldnt be complaining about a 700s math score, right?</p>

<p>I dont know if it would make up for it, but it definitely shows that you are competent in math. But a 690 also does too. I would say retake it. I also think they weigh the sat Is a bit more, because it is something everyone has to take.</p>

<p>It would definently help...but if you got your math up to ~740 than you would be set.</p>