math Level 2?

<p>i don't know if this question has been asked..if it was sorry</p>

<p>Im planning on taking math level 2 on october. i've tried the collegeboard's official math level 1 and 2 book, and it was pretty easy. then i tried the barron's math level2 and it was much harder than the collegeboar'd prep book. I've never took this test so i don't know how hard the questions are going to be. i took precalculus, and now im taking calc bc. </p>

<p>so my question is which prep book is more accurate to the actual test? the collegeboard's math level 2 prep book or barron's prep book? or if there are some other good ones out there.. thank you in advance</p>

<p>Do The CB's one and PR's. Barron's is always harder.</p>

<p>I am in AP Calc AB this year and wondering if I should take either of the Math SATIIs. I got a 680 on the SATI the first time but I think it's because my calculator died (I got a 2270 overall and I'm retaking it in November). Should I go for the Math IC? </p>

<p>Can it hurt to take more SATIIs than you need, as a safeguard against bombing one of them? (More specifically, I need 3 for some of the schools I am applying to. Is it okay to take 4? If I bomb one, will they count it?)</p>

<p>headcase: Barron's is much harder than the real exam. Not only is it more theoretical and in-depth, but it covers some topics that never even appear on the Math II test. Somebody on another thread equated the first 15 in Barron's to the first 35 on the actual test--so Collegeboard's book will be more accurate.</p>

<p>ok thank you for the replies..i was getting worried with the barron's prep book...those questions were really hard. thanks again</p>

<p>i'm taking pre cal right now and i was wondering if i should take the math 2 as my second subject test becuase i have no other subjects i can take and my friend said that the beginning is pretty basic stuff....any ideas?..i already took ush and it didnt turn out great</p>

<p>oh another question...for math level 2 i can use ti-89, can i use 89 in the regular sat math section?</p>

<p>If you can, get Rusen Melani's SAT Math Subject Test with the TI 83-84 Family. It is the CLOSEST thing to a shortcut. You can use TI-89, and this book has a special chapter dealing with its usage.</p>