Math major transfer

Hello everybody,

I’m currently a CCC student filling out my apps for this upcoming November. I intend to major in mathematics and I just have a few questions I hope someone can touch on. I’ve always had a keen interest in math and this was my intended major for quite some time. When I started CC I wanted to have numerous options open to me at the time transfer so I decided to take CS courses as well. Over time I found that this was also something I really enjoyed and I now find myself in somewhat of a dilemma. I plan on going ahead and applying as a math major but in the event that I am admitted, would I have any issues switching majors to L&S CS if I have a change of heart? I understand how impacted the major is at Berkeley so how much of an affect would that play? I would also have 5/7 pre reqs completed (missing 61C and 70). I’ve heard a couple of opinions on the matter but getting more wouldn’t hurt. Any responses from current math or CS students at Berkeley, as well as anyone who has a general understanding of how switching majors works, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You would need to take CS 61C and 70 and get at least a 3.3 GPA in them to be able to declare the L&S CS major (whether by itself or in addition to a math major).

So your first semester at Berkeley could look like:

Math 110 (for math major, this is the suggested first upper division math course in )
CS 61C
CS 70
breadth, elective, or math course

Since you have CS 61A and 61B completed, you are probably at Laney, right?

Hey ucbalumnus,

Yes, I’m currently in the Peralta Community College system in which Laney is apart of. I also noticed that Diablo Valley has an articulation of 61C so if my schedule permits, I might go ahead and take that next semester as well. If I’m fortunate to be admitted, would I need to do anything else in terms of paper work to switch to CS? Would they review my pre-reqs, etc. I appreciate your help!

See the link above about what you need to do to declare the L&S CS major (i.e. take CS 61C (if needed) and CS 70 your first semester at Berkeley and get at least a 3.3, then petition the department). L&S has some additional paperwork at if you want to change major (as opposed to keeping both majors; see ).

Thank you so much for the clarification!