Math placement dilemma.

<p>Hello everyone I am an incoming freshman at Calu of PA,and I recently took my math placement test.But I did absolutely deplorable on them and wasn't able to be placed in the appropriate math course so they dropped my Electrical circuits I course,and the course is only offered once a year so this is where my dilemma comes into play. Is there any way I could convince the school to allow me into the appropriate math course at my own risk? I know I can handle the course because my precalc/trig grades were never below an 88%,which is why my performance on the placement test really surprised me,or should I go with one of two other options?Those options are take the placement test again and possibly be faced with the same thing or wait until next fall and complete my bachelor's in five years.I really wouldn't prefer the last option but I'll do whatever it takes to graduate.But anyways,what would you guys suggest? Thanks in advance.</p>