Math Placement Question

Hello all,

I am a rising first year at uChicago and I took the math placement test. I want to place into the 150s, starting with 15100. I’m not majoring in math (at the moment).

I got 25/25 on the first half, and 21/25 on the second - all four of the questions that I missed were about trig (I got some other trig questions right as well). Also, they consider our high school math grades as well, apparently, and as for that I got all A’s in precalc and calculus. I understand that precalc and calc courses at the University are probably more difficult than the versions I took in high school. Taking this into account, do I have a good chance of placing into the 15100-200-300 sequence?

Sorry if I seem overeager or pretentious. 150s was just my goal.

the math classes at Chicago are fast paced and rigorous. And the grading curve is steep.
Be grateful that you dont get placed in a class that you are not likely to get A’s in.
good luck!

I think you will be placed into 151-152-153.

I have a feeling you may be placed into 152. I remember there is a math test during orientation week. Math department likes to place people into higher courses.

Chicago’s calculus is very proof-based. Not sure your high school calculus focuses much on proof or not.

If you want to place into 151, you will be able to do that, no matter what the initial placement recommendation is.

Don’t sweat it - the math department really knows what they’re doing when they place students. If you take 151 you’ll do a few basic proofs at the beginning but most of the course will be like AP calculus, if perhaps only a little harder. Considering you did more or less stellar on the online portion of the test, you should have no problem placing into 151.

Just curious though: what’s your rationale for aiming for 151? If you got A’s in calc and precalc, why wouldn’t you consider placing into 152 or 153?

So im a rising 1st year too who had literally the exact same scores as you (25/25 on the first test and 21/25 on the second) and from what ive heard we will easily be placed into 15000’s sequence without any problem