Math Placement

<p>I see the info about language placement - taking the test - how you either score at the 200 level and are exempt or take 1 or more classes - but not seeing much on the math placement and course sequence. I see an intro Algebra class that looks like a prerequisite class before going into statistics or calculus - but it also says something about placing out of it - with no info on how one does this. My son has already had algebra 2, precalc and calculus - not at the AP level. </p>

<p>How does the math placement process work? What would a student who has successfully completed high school calculus take at Elon as a freshman? Anticipated major is either sport and event mgmt or business.</p>

<p>RVM: stats or calculus depending on the major (and what your student wants to take).....usually, according to the Elon 101 professor, they place freshman based on what they have taken in HS and their standardized test scores......</p>

<p>Comm students usually take stats, but we do know of a couple of freshman who preferred calculus, and that was fine too.......</p>

<p>For others lurking on here, though, just note.....that algebra class does not count for the first year core; student still has to take either math 112 or 121 to fulfill the requirement. </p>

<p>Follow up question: there is an 8 credit requirement under math/ science(including a lab science).....does the first year math course count towards the 8 or do students still need 8 additional credits within the area?</p>

<p>Didn't mean to hijack RVM's thread but thought this would be good to know as well.......</p>

<p>Rodney - you read my mind! That was my next question - say he takes Math 112 - Statistics - freshman year - does that count as 4 of the 8 hours for the "Science" category? And continuing that theme - if he takes Spanish 122 to fulfill the Foreign Language requirement - does that also count as 4 of the 8 hours needed under "Civilization"? Also wondering if AP credit can be used to fill some of these requirements. </p>

<p>But I think you answered my question that there is not a math placement test per se - it is based on what they have covered in high school.</p>

<p>Just trying to have some basic understanding of how this works so that we don't feel too overwhelmed/confused at spring orientation.</p>