Math Placement

<p>Hi everyone. I'm a bit concerned about the placement test I have to take. I took Calculus I as a junior and passed the AP test that corresponding term. It's been a year since I've looked at any Calculus at all... I still have yet to take the Placement test. I was wondering, if you passed the Calculus AB AP test, are you automatically placed into Calculus II? I know I have to take Calc Placement #3, but it says that it's for placement into Multivariable Calculus. If I do really terribly on the Placement 3 test, is it possible for placement into a lower math class? How difficult are the Calculus classes at Carleton?</p>

<p>I thought AB = calc 1, BC = calc 1 + calc 2? So you would 'have' to take calc 2? As far as I know, placement test 3 determines whether you place into calc 2 or calc 3, so if you don't do very good, you are probably going to end up in calc 2. According to the latest information from the math department, you have to register for calc you placed in, but you can then drop down if you feel like you could use some review. As for the hardest classes, I think calc 2 is considered to be the hardest (I think the most failed/dropped class in Carleton) as it is a weed-out course, but then again, everything depends a lot on the professor you are taking it with.</p>