Math Prize for Girls 2021

What are the historical cutoffs for Math Prize for Girls? If I scored 100.5 on the AMC 12A, do I have a chance at qualifying? Thanks!

Varies from year to year. You can look up information on their site.

I can’t seem to find any cutoffs though anywhere online … could you please link it?

I don’t have an online link. I have some printed information. Will try to see what I can find online.

Here’s what the website says:
What is the AMC score cutoff?

The cutoff scores will change each year. In general, they will be a little above the scores needed to qualify for the AIME exam.

Feel free to DM me with questions, if you’d like.

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By DM, do you mean the messages function on CC? I’m new to this forum thing so I’m not quite sure how to use it

Going to send you a DM you can hit the A (upper right) and then drop down to an envelope and see the message.

The cutoffs have been climbing from the traditional AIME+3 as MAA has raised the AIME qualifying percentage over the last few years. 2018 was the last year they were +3.

In 2019, the cutoffs were +7.5.

In 2020, the cutoffs were +9 for the 10s and +10.5 for the 12s.

That would mean a 103.5 cutoff for the 12A and 102 for the 12B, if they are consistent with last year.

It’s possible they will climb again, as MAA appears to have dropped the AIME percentiles again. But this may only reflect reduced participation, and they may fall. Overall, the impact is unclear.

(I’m guessing you also received a response directly from Ravi :smile:)

Who is Ravi? haha

And ok thank you! So it would be unlikely for a 101.5 on the 12a to qualify?

Dr. Ravi Boppana, one of the MPfG co-founders. I’m guessing that was you that asked the same question at AoPS.

COVID throws a wrench in predictions, but the 103.5 number is my best guess. But be sure to apply.

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Ok thanks!

Do you guys think I will have a chance with a 111 on the 10B?

After reviewing the published statistics, my guess:

10A - 115.5-117
10B - 114-115.5
12A - 105-106.5
12B - 103.5-105

oh wow that’s high :((

is this using past statistics or what you’ve seen so far this year?

As an engineer/quant jock, I spent a fair bit of time analyzing the AMC statistics and MPfG cutoffs from 2018 onwards to come up with those projections. My D22 is on the border, so I sliced the numbers up several ways.

The numbers appear high because MAA again lowered the AIME thresholds to where 10% of AMC12 participants qualified. Had they kept at the historic 5-6%, these numbers wouldn’t appear as high relative to the AIME cutoffs.

Of course, I could be totally wrong.