Math Project/Research

<p>I really wanna start to do some type of math research or a math project. Math is my strongest subject and i wanna start to go forward in it. Im only up to Algebra 2, I am probably going to start doing precalc by myself. If you could give me any ideas for what type of research or project i could do i would be gratefull. Thnx</p>

<p>i also have a question. what exactly is math research? i am a sophmore and know all of basic calculus (enough for the bc test) and a little multivariable. is there any math research project i can start?</p>

<p>Pyroman, while it is good to do some recreational mathematics on the side, you should focus on learning the basics. If really want to do research, then you should talk to a math teacher (preferably one that knows you are serious).</p>

<p>Tennisdude, math research is the study of mathematics with the intent of discovering a new result.</p>

<p>if you want something that is conceptually tractable
look for cool stuff in the area of discrete math. Ie graphs (networks would a be a more appropriate term)
lots of cool stuff</p>