math question

<p>In the -plane, three of the vertices of a square are (0,0), (0,3) and (3,0) If the square is reflected about the line y= -x which of the following is one vertex of the resulting square?</p>


<p>A is the answer. Draw it out if you have to. The last vertex of the square they described was (3,3) and when that point is reflected about the line y=-x you get the answer to be (-3,-3).</p>

<p>What does reflecting it to y=-x do?</p>

<p>The line y=-x is a line with a negative slope of 1 that passes through the origin. As far as what a reflection is: imagine the point the (1,1) and if you were to reflect it over the y axis, it would become (-1,1).</p>