Math SAT 2 Score vs. SAT Math Score

<p>I recently took the June SAT and screwed up the Math (expecting 700-710).</p>

<p>I plan on retaking it again, October or November, but I dont know if Columbia SEAS or Cornell accept those two dates for ED, and at the same time still have to take math 2.</p>

<p>Anyway my question is that if I were to get an 800 on math 2, which I think I can, would it make up my SAT reasoning math score? I think even if I retook, I'd probably screw up again since I've already screwed two times in a row..........</p>

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<p>an 800 on the sat 2 certainly won't make up for a bad math score on the sat, but it will definitely help. college admissions tend to weigh the sat more heavily than the sat II.</p>

<p>columbia accepts the nov. sat. they also superscore you so the highest score you get matters.</p>

<p>and it is far from cut or dry on testing or anything in the app, all based on context. if you do great an a II, bad on the SAT I, but do really bad in classes, perhaps they will conclude that maybe you aren't as vigilant a student as you could be.</p>

<p>getting into top schools like Columbia is not a cake walk, takes a lot more than one test to get in. keep that in perspective.</p>

<p>i never thought 700-710 was bad , a good score but not up to par with Columbia SEAS.</p>

<p>Any tips on how to bring it up to 750-760+, which I guess should be on par with Columbia SEAS.</p>