Math SAT Subject Tests- Cornell

<p>Cornell requires SAT II Math (Level 1 OR 2) for architecture. </p>

<p>Which one should i take? I'm an average math student doing IB SL Math so i've covered the Level 1 and 2 stuff. i know all of it, but i don't think i'm confident about level 2.
also, the time i would spend on studying for level 2 could be spent on my portfolio.</p>

<p>Does Cornell really require SAT II for Math? I had no idea haha</p>

<p>If you're in a high level math course, most people suggest Math level 2. Sure, it's harder, but getting quite a few wrong still fetches an 800 from what I heard. I took the Math 1 twice, and 1 wrong is like 20 points off. Also, it probaby looks better if you do better on the Math 2. Check out some books for both of them, and see which suits you.</p>

<p>mm I would go for math II. Math I always look skimpy when you're applying to top notch schools, and as was mentioned-- you're penalized less for wrong answers on math II, and you'd look better with a lower math II score than a high math I score.</p>

<p>As for how much Cornell cares about math, I think it's expected that you do Calc I first semester when you get there, but that's all they want. Honestly, I think they just want to see some decent looking numbers and don't care for much else in that department-- you're portfolio's your main focus.</p>