Math teachers were assigned today for MA 112

<p>Just a note for you regular students/parents of. They have assigned the professors for the MA 112 classes. </p>

<p>I was a little concerned previously as my son says he has trouble with strong foreign accents, but going by the name of his assigned prof I don't think he'll have any problems. Guy also gets high reviews on ratemyprof, so that's another plus.</p>

<p>Now if his EC 110 prof (Pecorino) would just list his required textbook we could get everything finished :-)</p>

<p>And they also listed the profs for MA 115; D's teacher apparently has an accent that's not too bad but she seems well liked. Still waiting for a teacher to be named for ANT102.</p>

<p>As long as they stick to math and aren't tested on how to spell the prof's name for D's 115 class she should be fine. There is a Z and a few Y's with a sprinkling of vowels.
He did earn a happy face on rate my professor :)</p>

<p>Question: does anyone know if this class completely web-based....?
My teacher apparently isn't awful, so I'm glad! I am getting feedback from ratemyprofessor that everything is done online and I guess I just didn't realize that Math could be done completely on the computer. I feel like I'd have problems with that..</p>


<p>Are you sure that the students didn't mean that all of the homework is submitted online? If so, that shouldn't be a problem, right?</p>

<p>Who is your prof? Ponta? If so, I think you read the review from a lower level math class (math100)</p>

<p>Here's one of her reviews for 115. The homework (not the class) is done online</p>

<p>Very good teacher. She goes over everything very well in class. She takes attendance, but only counts for a small portion of your grade. All work is done online, and you do not have to get lab hours. Tests are not that difficult if you review the study guide.</p>

<p>The reason the economics textbook isn't listed is because its a specific edition. I think it doesn't have any binding. I think they just give you all the pages and you have to put it in a binder or it is bound by the supestore. Your child will have to buy it from the Supestore once they get on campus.</p>

<p>NJBama, my son has EC 110 with Pecorina also. I called the supestore this morning about the book. They said they are still waiting on him to notify them. They said it may well be after the class starts before they can get the book in.</p>

<p>mom2, yes i have Ponta.
I interpreted it as homework done online. dunno, just a little worried about doing math on the computer in any way. I do best writing things out, not so much learning off a computer.. I'm hoping what "work done online" means that you're supposed to take notes and write out the work, and just submit the answers online. I guess we'll find out! Either way I'll have to get used to it haha :) Thanks for the clarification on the lower-level though because yeah that was the one I had read, didn't catch the class name over there!</p>

<p>I don't think you will be "learning off a computer." You will be learning in class, and then see your assignments online.</p>

<p>You do the homework/assignments on paper, then your type in your final answers on your computer and submit.</p>

<p>I think you're misunderstanding. Instead of turning in the paper on which you did your work, you are only submitting your final answer online.</p>

<p>Tacitum: my D is in Ponta's class also.</p>

<p>Bamafana, </p>

<p>Thanks for the info. From reading his reviews on ratemyprof it looks like he doesn't teach out of the book much, so maybe he won't require them to buy a book anyway. </p>

<p>Also for the others. I don't know how it is with MA 115 but I know Ma 112 is done mostly on the computer in the math lab in Tutweiler. You meet one day a week in a normal classroom and then you have to spend 3 hours a week (anytime you want) in the math lab doing homework and taking quizzes. All tests are also in the math lab and they are the same for everybody in math 112 regardless of which specific prof you have.</p>

<p>The following classes are taught through the Math Technology Learning Center (MTLC) in Tutwiler Hall:</p>


<p>These classes are taught as NJBama explained it in the post above. You meet as a class once a week, I guess to ask questions and stuff. Then you do the rest of the work, including your tests and quizzes at the MTLC.</p>

<p>If you are unfamiliar with the MTLC, their website is</p>




<li>State-of-the-art Learning Facility</li>
<li>One-on-one student/instructor assistance</li>
<li>70+ hrs/week of Math assistance available</li>
<li>Course flexibility for students:</li>
<li>Study hours are at students choice</li>
<li>Student can complete course early</li>

<p>Active Learning</p>

<li>In the MTLC, students are actively learning mathematics by watching and working math problems. They can get assistance as they attempt these problems.</li>
<li>In the traditional setting, students attempt to work math problems on their own. If they need assistance, they must wait until they return to class or until they can find their instructor.</li>
<li>Student effort is directly related to student success in the MTLC courses.</li>
<li>Students putting forth genuine effort and completing assigned work have an extremely high chance of successfully completing the course. Each semester we make improvements and each semester we see improvement in the student performances.</li>
<li>Success rates for Introductory Mathematics courses are increasing due to the MTLC.</li>

<p>Myth #1:
In the MTLC the student has no teacher. The student must learn only from the computer.
In the MTLC students have an instructor at their beck-and-call. The moment a student needs assistance with math, they place a cup on their computer and get one-on-one assistance.</p>

<p>More TRUTH:
If students do work in the MTLC, then they have an instructor available to them at all times. This is a MUCH higher ratio of individual attention by instructors than is possible to offer in traditional lecture courses.</p>

<p>Students also have a once per week formal class meeting with their instructor for additional information and assistance.</p>

<p>Myth #2:
Too much work is assigned for the MTLC courses. These courses are harder than the traditional lecture courses.
An MTLC course covers the same topics that a traditionally taught lecture course would cover. The assignments are virtually the same, the difference being that in a lecture course, the homework is assigned but not collected and graded. The expectation of work is the same for both lecture and lab courses.</p>

<p>Myth #3:
The number of hours students are assigned to work in the MTLC each week is too high.
The time requirement for MTLC courses is not really different from that of any other course on campus. The hourly requirement for most MTLC courses is 3 hours/week plus 1 hour for the weekly course meeting. In a typical UA course, students would normally spend 3 hours/week in a lecture course and do at least one hour of homework.</p>

<p>Myth #4:
Most students do not like the Mathematics being taught in the MTLC format.
According to student surveys of MTLC students, the students prefer Mathematics courses being taught in the MTLC format. Students indicated that they like the flexibility to work on math when they choose and the flexibility to complete the course early if they choose. They like getting one-on-one assistance from the instructors in the MTLC.</p>

<p>The University of Alabama Department of Mathematics is interested in finding the best way to teach students mathematics.</p>

<p>We are leading the way in Mathematics Education.</p>

<p>We will continue to strive for excellence and continue to make improvements to our programs whenever possible.</p>

<p>Roll Tide !!!


<p>OK, yet again I am confused. D has MA115 & for all three class periods it says TH (Ten Hoor) 257. Is this one of those things where when she goes to the 1st class, the syllabus will clarify the meeting times @ MTLC?</p>

<p>RobD, </p>

<p>Yeah, my son's class is listed the same way. For some reason only the classes in Gordon Palmer #227 are listed with Tutweiler B1. Whichever class is listed by itself is her traditional class in TH #257. The other two classes are the math lab. Note that she can put in her math lab hours anyday/anytime (provided the lab is open) she chooses and not necessarily when her schedule shows that she has math.</p>

<p>Ok, still confused NJ! What do you mean by "whichever class is listed by itself?" I looked in the detailed schedule, the week at a glance, the "print your schedule" areas, and the look up class areas and they're all listed in one block as MWF 10-10:50. The only class that is listed twice is her Anthropology class. </p>

<p>Am I looking in the wrong place?</p>

<p>Okay, I had to look through the orientation slides the MTLC's website. Clarifying what I said earlier, 113 and above have traditional lectures meeting 2 or 3 times a week. 112 and below meet only once a week and you do the rest of your work at the MTLC.</p>

<p>Sorry for the confusion. I just looked and MA 115 is listed differently than how MA 112.</p>

<p>MA 112 is listed like this</p>

<p>M 12:00 - 12:50 - TH 30
W F 12:00 - 12:50 - TH 30</p>

<p>So son's traditional class would be on Monday in TH and the wednesday and friday class times are just representative of the hours he needs to spend in math lab.</p>

<p>MA 115 is just listed straight across so I'm not sure how it works. You might be able to search for an old sylabus that explains it or just wait until she gets her sylabus next week.</p>

<p>Thanks all! Interesting to know about the math lab times though; I'm sure d would love to be able to adjust that Friday math time since it's her 1st class of the day ;)</p>

<p>Math 113 and up have traditional traditional lectures meeting 2 or 3 times a week (TR or MWF). You only have to go to the MTLC to take your tests. You can do the hw on your own computer.</p>