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<p>did any1 have the test in this order? is so which section was the answer 2400 and 52.5 located</p>

<p>Knock it off; stop posting this everywhere. This really isn't the way to get what you want. God..</p>

<p>f!@k off b$%^h.</p>

<p>I understand the obsession. We all obsess.</p>

<p>It was probably section 3 and it was real.</p>

<p>probably isnt good enough, i called college board to get my test handscored and if wasnt necessary i just call back and cancel it. the problem is i didnt bubble in the choice so if it was experimental i wouldnt have to worry</p>

<p>ouch.. that hits me hard.. Yeah...</p>

<p>why would the only grid-in section of the test be experimental</p>

<p>i mean the whole section but i am not gonna get the pts for the grid in because i didnt bubble it in, are u sure section 3 had 2400 and 52.5</p>

<p>Listen, the section with the grid-in portion is NEVER experimental. Might as well cancel your scores, unless they say they will take your hand-written answers.</p>

<p>so ure saying only the 25 question are experimental. i thought since the grid in was apart of section 4 it would be experimental</p>

OK, section 3 (the answers 52.5 and 2400 were in this section) is real. If you didn't bubble in the answers to the grid ins, the best you can go for is hand scoring. Section 4 (also with QCs and grid ins) was experimental.</p>