Math104 vs Math114

<p>I took calc AB during high school and self studied some of calc BC.</p>

<p>My question is this,
I want to go straight into Multivariable Calc (math 114) in College.</p>

<p>How much of Calc BC(math104) is involved in MV Calc (math 114)?</p>

<p>Can i skip Calc BC and go into MV Calc and still do well?
or is it better to stick with Math104 and do not go ahead?
Anyone with personal experience of MV calc plz help</p>

<p>Thanks in adv</p>

<p>I think Math 104 is more like Calc AB not Calc BC.</p>

<p>right well since i took calc AB then can i just go into Math114?</p>

<p>MATH 104 is calc BC material, and it is pretty much never used in MATH 114. If you go up to 240, you'll need to know series to solve some diff EQs. I make no guarantees, but you probably won't need to use most of the weird-ass integration techniques from 104 in higher classes (just by parts and partial fractions, I would imagine).</p>

<p>Really, I'm just talking out of my ass, I have no idea what specifically is taught in 104 and what specifically you need to use. It'd do you well to use a textbook or go on a website like this</a> one and teach yourself everything you don't already know. Then check the 104 syllabus to make sure you've covered it all.</p>