Math20c, chem6a, mcwp40, mae9, (phys2a)

<p>Hey guys, I'm a freshman BioE major coming in this fall. I've talked to my academic adviser and know more or less which classes I have to take. I for sure have to take MATH20C, CHEM6A, MCWP40, and MAE9 this fall quarter; dunno if I should add in physics. I've had people tell me to take 5 classes to "test the waters" and see how much of a workload I can handle. But then again, that many units seems suicidal first quarter. </p>

<p>I was just wondering if anybody had any experiences with the above classes (good or bad), if you guys had any prof. recommendations, or just any general tips on how to survive an engineering major for 4 years. I was also curious as to where you guys buy books on the cheap for these req classes.</p>


<p>Try to get into Johnson for Chem6A. It fills up fast but if you have a good registration time, go for it. The class is pretty simple. Just do your homework and understand how to approach everything. Any professor for the course should suffice if you don't end up with Johnson.</p>

<p>That schedule sounds pretty hard to me. If you want, sign up for the 5 classes and then after a couple weeks, you should know if you need to drop one or not.</p>

<p>Do people actually take five classes? I was under the impression that taking four your first quarter was pushing it as many people have told me to only take three so I can get used to college.</p>

<p>This makes me want to take five classes.</p>

<p>Most people usually take 4 a quarter, even freshmen. You can take whatever you want though. Like I said, try it out for a couple weeks, then make a decision.</p>

<p>MAE9 isn't going to be very fun unless you have (1) prior programming experience or (2) access to patient friends who will explain the basics to you</p>

<p>MCWP 40 is a lot of busywork depending on your TA. I would stick with your 4 classes since none of them are supposed to be easy A's.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, I think I'll just stick to the 4 classes and try to enjoy college life a bit more, you only live once right? x]</p>

<p>@astrina: Is MAE9 designed for intermediate programmers? I've only had some basic HTML and Java experience, nothing hardcore in terms of programming. I was under the impression that the class was geared towards students relatively new to programming, but I could be wrong.</p>