Math3a fall: Towsner

<p>HOW IS TOWSNER for Math 3A? it seems he came last fall, so to the people that took him: how was he?</p>

<p>asking for my friend.</p>


<p>Had him for 3A last fall.</p>

<p>It's basic calculus (derivatives), so if you took calculus in high school you should be fine. However, like most math teachers of the 3 series, he wants to teach you the "real" math, so expect a lot of lengthy proofs and convoluted explanations to explain something like the power rule or product rule.</p>

<p>Towsner's tests are really hard, just saying. The math department is only allowed to give a certain percentage of As (something like 20% As, not sure), so the tests are purposely difficult to make a normal distribution (as in the class average is a C).</p>

<p>Personality wise, he's an okay guy and seems nice. Not my favorite class (math is my weak spot anyways), but no use trying to get away from it. Maybe it was my experience, but all my math teachers this year were not that great. I'm relieved to be done with the math 3 series.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Actually they say Math classes are supposed to have >25% as A's. When I took 32A the professor actually faked receiving a phone call from the head of the department saying that he would have to give less A's. There is no limit though.</p>

<p>he is awful. stay away from towsner if you can!
his writing is extremely difficult to read, he doesn't know how to explain anything in english. he's really just a math genius who expects his students to read his mind and know what he's trying to explain.
i could just be bitter because i was in one of his first classes at ucla but regardless, he screwed me over for my gpa.</p>