Mathematically, am I all right?

<p>I am a sophomore. I have taken Honors Biology, and this year I'm taking Honors Chemistry. My Chemistry class is actually an advanced junior/senior course; so I'm ahead of most of the sophomores regarding science. </p>

<p>However I am behind on math. I really screwed myself over in middle school and didn't take Algebra I when I could've. Now I'm stuck in a regular geometry class and I'm having a really difficult time. I want to be a veterinary surgeon, though, and I have heard from many people that Calculus in high school is basically a requirement for pre-vet. Therefore, I just bought the Princeton Review AP Calculus AB&BC book along with flashcards, and I have decided to self study it; primarily due to the fact that my guidance counselor won't allow me to take Calculus before I graduate. Surprisingly, I am not having a hard time with it and really enjoy it. </p>

<p>So my real question is, if I take the AP Calculus exams and scores 4s-5s on them will I get the college credit and will it look as if I took Calculus in high school?</p>

<p>I'm applying to the University of Pennsylvania ED. That's my dream school. Thanks.</p>

<p>You could also dual-enroll at your local community college and take it there.</p>

<p>We don't have dual-enrollment</p>

<p>Are you in honors math? If so I would definitely recommend taking honors pre calc senior year. If not definitely work towards it as it'll give you a significant leg up. I'm in a similar position but i will be taking honors pre calc senior year as well. Honestly, based on what my GC says colleges don't require calc in HS and most recommend taking your math and science in college if that is your main focus. That being said, I'd work very hard in algebra II and precalc so you show your schools you can succeed in advanced math! Good luck.</p>

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<p>jsaffangrll - No :( I am in standard geometry. It says that in order to get into honors pre-calculus I need a "strong A in standard geometry and algebra II" or "honors geometry and honors algebra II w/trig." I have a low B in geometry now :( It's really hard for me. But yet I can solve calculus! It's ridiculous! But it's cool that you understand where I'm coming from! Are you applying to UPenn too?</p>

<p>Hmmm. Well then I'd suggest doing the best you can and possibly explaining your situation on your app. Make sure you have a strong background in science though! I'm doubling in IB bio and chem honors this year and IB bio II and IB chem next year to make up for it. And no, but I'm applying to NYU ED for bio/premed (: </p>

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<p>My school doesn't have dual enrollment, but they do have something called concurrent enrollment. I'm not sure what the exact difference is. If your school doesn't do that at all, and you can't get to a CC campus easily, then take it online independently. It won't show up on your high school transcript, but when you send in the college transcript Penn will see that you took the class.</p>