Matriculation Packet not yet here?

<p>Hey guys,
I've been hearing from many East-Coasters/US residents that they have already received their matriculation packet to Wes. I remember receiving an email around 1.5 weeks ago telling me that I should receive mine within 2 weeks. Will I actually receive it in that time? Or will there be delays due to the fact that I'm an International student? Have any of you international admits received your packet yet? Thanks so much guys!</p>

<p>I'm in the US (Midwest, but still . . . ) and I have yet to receive mine as well. I wouldn't be too concerned.</p>

<p>My son received his matriculation packet today--we are in California. Lots of data here for both students and parents, along with nice letters from Dean Nancy Hargrave Meislahn and the new Dean of the Class of 2015, Noel Garrett. Non-international arrival date is August 31 before 3 pm.</p>