Max number of schools to apply too?

<p>I'm eligible for fee waivers for all of my applications, so money isn't a problem there. I hear that the essays are killer because there's the common app and then the essay for the regular app. So how many schools do you guys recommend I apply to? </p>

<p>Im thinking 15 but 16 essays is not pretty.</p>

<p>It depends...not all schools ask for supplemental essays. However, I would suggest narrowing the list for your sanity, and to make a more "focused" list.</p>

<p>To do this, perhaps ask yourself "do I have ANY reservations about this school?"</p>

<p>If you end up applying to all, and you're accepted to some you don't want, inform the school of your intent not to attend very quickly, because the "shotgun" approach is part of the reason so many candidates end up on the waitlist, and you may give someone their spot.</p>

<p>I really don't think you should do more than 8...and even 8's alot</p>

<p>Think to yourself, would i attend School X over School Y? If not, then why apply</p>

<p>But i'm biased towards smaller numbers. I personally am doing 5, so please take my advice with a grain of salt</p>

<p>Thanks guy; it's just that I want to have a lot of options. And as my SAT scores aren't great, I don't only want to get into all of my safety schools =[ But thanks guys.</p>

<p>Anymore thoughts?</p>

<p>I applied to 20 schools ranging from a local LAC to Harvard. I got into 11 of them...</p>

<p>If there's one thing I can recommend, it's this: KNOW YOUR RANGE. Don't overestimate or underestimate yourself. If you're a 4.0 with great ECs, an athlete perhaps and have some great recommendations, you have a shot at top 30 schools.</p>

<p>I applied to too many reach schools, and found myself wondering if small LACs would have given me good deals had I applied.</p>

<p>That's my take, hope it helps =)</p>

<p>OMGOMGOMG you give me hope! lolol. No but seriously, thanks. I really want to apply to 15 schools for the sole fact that I have a major weakness (SAT score) and I want as many options as possible. How was the essay process for you? How was it writing 21 essays? was it tedious?</p>

<p>It was the most humbling experience ever lol.</p>

<p>Some schools had similar essay questions, so I ended up coming up with a main outline, and tweaking it to fit each school's essay question. This can get confusing, however (ie sending the Harvard version to Duke).</p>

<p>I advise you to get started well ahead of the deadlines, take a month-long break, and come back to it with new ideas. It's better than spending 4 days locked in your room trying to induce creativity =&lt;/p>

<p>EDIT: The Common Application REALLY HELPS!
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<p>if you can afford it, the sky is the limit.</p>

<p>Thanks A LOT NPATQC. Ima really take your advice, you helped a lot.</p>

<p>Hope2fetrice: The beauty of fee waivers lol.</p>