Maximum number of recommendations?

<p>I want to have my sports coach send a rec letter...would 4 letters be too much? I remember the officer saying 4 was too much, but that didn't make sense to me because 2 are required from teachers and one from your guidance the max is 3?? Any input would be appreciated! Thank you!!</p>

<p>I don’t think one is required from a guidance counselor…</p>

<p>Went to an admissions session on Friday while I was visiting for freshmen parents’ weekend (friend’s daughter is considering the school, too, so went with them). </p>

<p>The admissions speaker said 2 from teachers, the guidance letter (which isn’t considered a rec. letter) and no more than 2 or 3 others. You can have 2 or 3 beyond the 2 teachers and guidance letter provided they serve a purpose.</p>

<p>Wow really? Why isn’t the guidance counselor’s considered a rec? Haha - Thank you so much!! I am definitely going to ask my coach now if this is the case.</p>

<p>The issue with the letters from guidance is that they aren’t always particularly personal. A guidance counselor could be responsible for 200 or more students. They don’t always know them well. The letter from guidance is just to explain some basic info about you and your school. It can do more, but it doesn’t always.</p>

<p>My school is relatively small, and my guidance counselor knows me well and is writing me a personal rec letter, so I won’t be sending my coach’s rec anymore haha. I think that 3 is enough for admissions officers to read - they might get annoyed at the 4th one. I guess it depends on one’s school and relationship to his/her guidance counselor. Anyways, thanks again!</p>

<p>Good luck! My son is absolutely loving his freshman year at Cornell!</p>