May 2010 SAT Results Thread

<p>Hello, everyone. Please use this thread to post your scores once you know them; please do not broach any tangential topics before you receive the scores. </p>

<p>Scores come up at 5 AM EST on Thursday. Good luck!</p>

<p>shall we also talk about how nervous we are until 5am? or should we reserve this just for scores in the morning</p>

<p>Sorry, EST is GMT-4 or GMT-5 ?</p>


<p>The "12. More. Days." thread is pretty much home to nervous-speak. :)</p>

Sorry, EST is GMT-4 or GMT-5 ?


<p>The latter.</p>

<p>im so nervous!!!!</p>

<p>i figured so owl, but it would be so much more fun to do it here ;) 340 minutes remaining. give or take a few =P</p>

<p>I have no idea what's to do with my SAT score right now? I think it's over............

<p>Tonight would be a good night to wait till 2 am to see my SAT scores since tomorrow, my school has reverse minimum day. However, I did not take the SAT this month. </p>

<p>So, I hope you all receive satisfying scores. If not, be glad that you have another chance for a retake.</p>

<p>In a few hours now...</p>


<p>790 Reading
780 Math
740 Writing</p>


<p>Urgh. Probably will re-take next year.</p>

<p>670 Reading
780 Math
700 Writing</p>

<p>2150 -- Sophomore year, first SAT. :)</p>


<p>Hey guys. Second time around, and I was able to increase 110 points since March with no studying!</p>

<p>CR: 720
M: 690
WR: 690 (9 essay)</p>

<p>Just scraped by with the 2100 I was hoping for! Now to do some actual studying... :)</p>

Total: 1760</p>

<p>I was expecting a minimum of 2000.</p>

<p>770 writing
710 reading
660 math</p>


<p>This is amazing for me, considering in January I took it and got 1910 (including 530 on the math). I did a lot of studying and increased over 200 points :)</p>



<p>Pretty stoked for this score.</p>


710 <---***

<p>I really wanted that 2300...=[</p>

<p>I only had one mistake at math section, how come I get a 710 there</p>