May be reported for cheating

I took the AP Micro test today and there was a lot of free time after completing the FRQs. I did not attempt to start any communication with the person sitting at my table, but she wrote down a question unrelated to the test on her green packet and slid it very close to me. I regret it immensely but I read the question and nodded in response. After the test the proctor remarked that she would have to report several students for cheating because of looking at others’ tests during all the free time. She looked a different group of students when she said this but I am very concerned I may be reported. I did not touch my test booklet during or after the person at my table purposefully intended for me to read her question. </p>

I don’t know if I should bring this up with my Micro teacher, the test proctor, college board, or just ignore the problem and hope I was not reported for cheating.
If I was reported, what will I have to do to clear my name?</p>

Thank you for the help in advance.</p>

IGNORE IT! If you are told your scores were voided then try to contest it. However I don’t think there would be any way to prove you didn’t cheat. Put it out of your mind.</p>

Ignoring it is hard for me… Does anyone know the normal procedure taken for cheaters? Will it really take until I get my scores back to find out if I was reported? Would it be beneficial to report the incident before then?</p>

Anybody? Bumping for help</p>

There’s nothing anyone can do at this point. If you’re screwed you’re screwed, but I think if they were going to report you personally they would have told you</p>

I think these other posters are just trying to make you feel bad. I think that the proctor will not take the struggle to report you…usually there is a long process and then the proctor has to go through all these liabilities to make sure he/she is saying the truth. I think you should not worry at all, and just relax until July. I know this, because a similar situation came up in our school with a different student.</p>

Thank you all, a lot.</p>

I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad</p>

At this point, put it out of your mind. If your proctor reports you, there’s nothing you can do about it. If your proctor does not report you, then you’re fine.</p>

i might just tell the teachers. you seem honest, and anyone could make this kind of mistake.</p>

anyways, i think you’ll be fine… from an onlooker’s point of view,
i dont think the proctor will go through the trouble to report a kid.
if i were the proctor, i’d monitor to see if the kid goes back into his test booklet/changes answers on answer sheet, etc… id only report (and thereby harm the kid’s score which i wouldnt want to do) onlyyy if i knew for sure the kid was cheating</p>

so…dont worry about it, or just make sure you just honestly tell a teacher about it :&lt;/p>

I highly doubt that he will report you. He doesn’t really have any proof against you, and for that reason he wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of reporting you.</p>

Go to the media</p>

@ sinohellenic</p>

I don’t quite get what you mean by “go to the media”. I’m sure you don’t mean put it on TV</p>

Find a local journalist to report the story if your scores are invalidated to put external pressure on the school</p>

Lol the things we do when we have freedom of speech</p>