May I apply this fall?

<p>I just rejected because I have only 42 quater units... That means... Am I not eligible to apply this year? I sturnned now.. Please help me..</p>

<p>??? at long as u complete 60 units by spring then u fine.</p>

<p>I mean I rejected TAG.. I forgot to mention it. So, is it fine? If I complete 90 transferable unit before spring? I heard of minimum apply unit is at least 45 quater units</p>

<p>you can apply if u r half way there and will be completed 60 units by spring. NOT 90.</p>

<p>It's 60 semester/90 quarter units.</p>

<p>You have to have 45 quarter units completed by the time of application to apply, AFAIK.</p>