May or June SAT ?

info about my situation

  • Junior in HS
  • haven’t taken an official SAT yet
  • practice scores are around 1220s
  • goal = 1450
  • want to take the SAT only 3 times
  • most likely will apply early decision

I’m not sure which SAT I should take or if I should take both ? Please leave your tips/suggestions down below. Thank you !

I would say take one now and see how it goes. See what you need to work on. Then study for the SAT…either via Khan Academy or some kind of course.

Check the days for the may/june SAT…does it conflict with games/proms/musicals or anything else? When are your finals? If you get out of school in May, then take it in June. If visa versa, then visa versa.

I would not take May and June because you probably wouldn’t get May results back by June.

So like March and May.

I can’t take the March one because I’ll be out of town. My school ends in June but I have AP testing the Monday after the SAT. Should I do the June one then ? thanks !!!

Consider the ACT, which may be more to your liking. It is highly unlikely that a 1220 practicer will clear 1400; extremely rare. If you are planning on ED’ing to a school with. 1400 median, you should recalibrated your plans.

Protip: take a subject test in whatever AP’s you are taking, if the subject test is offered.

btw: if you are gonna ED, for most colleges you only have two shots at the test: Spring and Fall.