May Reading Consolidation

<p>This is what someone posted before....anything to add????? </p>

<p>Sentence Completions:</p>

<p>Bears: aggressive...placid
Judges & Chili: Discriminating
Symphony: Cacophonous
Women Doctors: Anomaly
Approval of Rose: Tacit
Across the World: Antipode
Jane: Haughty...Impudent
Scientific Discovery: Startling...Revolutionary
Helping Parent: Filial
Fossils: Scrutinizing
CEO: Ousted</p>


<p>Other Answers (Don't remember the Questions/Section):

<p>Reading Passages:</p>

<p>Opinion of Library: Delighted
Library Description: Internal/External
Opinion of Father: Passionate about Civil Rights
Renaissance: Naive/Grandiose</p>

<p>Library Description: Internal/External</p>

<p>Was that internal/external APPEARANCES? Please say yes.</p>

<p>Also, I think:</p>

<p>Yawning: unexpected behavior; female pilot yawning to pop ears
Cloves: boat anchor from 15,000 years ago</p>