Mays Business External Transfer

I am currently a sophomore at Blinn and trying to transfer into Mays for Fall ‘21. I will have all the required classes done and finish with a 4.0. I also took the recommended MGMT 211 class. I had an internship last summer and have one lined up for next year as well. I feel like I should get in but I have heard of people not getting in with 4.0’s and I am a little nervous. My friend also told me that a Blinn advisor told him no one from Blinn has been accepted into Mays in two years. Is there still a chance I don’t get in or should I have nothing to worry about.

I would be shocked if you didn’t get in. Great job. You should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished. TAMU loves Blinn students. You are well prepared. Good luck and please let us know!!!