Mays external transfer

Hello guys

I applied to Mays Business School in the middle of January with:

  • 3.86 GPA (has been audited already) (3.75 in required classes (B in MATH 1325 & Econ 2302) & 4.0 in others)
  • all required classes completed + BUSI 2371
  • Worked full-time (40hrs+/week)

I have two questions

How do you like my chances of getting into Mays?
When should I expect to know if I get in or not?

Thanks, and if you have any questions for me please ask away!

Fantastic stats! You should hear soon I would think. My son was an internal change of major and found out the next day, so I think they move quickly in general.

How was your essay and is your job related at all to your degree hopes?

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In my opinion I thought my essay was really good. I got three of my previous teachers to work with me on it. I can send it to you in a private message if you would like to read it and see for yourself. And I work in life insurance right now and I am hoping to get into finance, so it is somewhat related.

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Does Howdy give you a grade/some form of feedback on the essay?


No it doesn’t give any feedback like that. They do like to see passion and thoughtfulness in a transfer essay to show you know what you want and why.

What was your second choice major?

I did economics as my 2nd, but I really only applied to A&M in hopes of getting into Mays

Well let’s just say you got Econ and not Mays but you still wanted finance. Check out this link. IT IS AN AMAZING OPTION and only adds one year onto your education, BUT you will have a Masters in Finance and a BS or BA in Econ… You would be highly marketable.

It’s for non finance majors and you can start as early as sophomore year or up til senior year. My son was Econ major as a freshman and looked into this. I loved the idea until my son realized he’s not very good with numbers… lol College is harder than HS !!

So now, he has a minor in Econ completed and transferred into Mays- Mgmt Pre Law focus. Suits him better for sure.


That doesn’t sound too bad. Is it also very competitive to get into that program?

I think it’s competitive because it’s Mays, but I don’t think a lot of people really know about it. My son stumbled upon it and then I’ve researched it more over the years because of this forum. A friend’s son did this. He was BS in sports management and then did this. He’s doing quite well in Commercial Assets up in Dallas now. His undergrad GPA wasn’t amazing but it was solid (like 3.5 ish) but also played Tennis for TAMU. SO there was that.

@Lsegura17 EVERYTHING at A&M is competitive…parking pass, dorm selection, major, FLO/orgs, on & on. Not kidding. But it’s a huge school, with highly competitive students.
I’ve got a Mays kid, incredible program! Good luck & keep us posted!:crossed_fingers:t3:

Awesome! And of course I will let y’all know what ends up happening


@AggieMomhelp @52AG82 I woke up this morning with 6 tabs! From what I read online that means I’ve been accepted! I just do not know for which major. Do you guys know how I would know which major?

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I looked in student profile at it has my primary as being Mays but on AIS it still hasn’t updated. Does this mean I got into Mays?

Omg congrats!!! 6 tabs is definitely in. If your first choice major is still mays on ais, then your got mays!!!whoop!

It is still Mays!!! Thanks!!!


@Lsegura17 that’s awesome‼️ congrats‼️

Hi, do you know if Mays cares about how many hours you have as long as you complete the required and recommended? In case I try to transfer in as a sophmore. Thanks!

They have minimum requirements of 24 but no max.

They really like it if you’re ready to move into upper level.

They say they prefer juniors at mays on the transfer sheet. Will this put me at a significant disadvantage even with a 4.0 and all required classes done?