MBA in one year?

<p>i've heard that Cambridge in England offers the option to get your MBA in one year but you still have to pay for the price of two years. do you know of any schools in the US that offer this option?</p>

<p>Well, in general, most European business schools, with the notable exception of the London Business School, run 1-year MBA programs. </p>

<p>In the US, 2-year MBA programs are the general rule. Some notable exceptions are the Sloan Fellows program at MIT-Sloan that offers the option of a 1-year MBA. However, the MIT-Sloan Fellows program generally only offers admission to older, highly experienced candidates (average age of Sloan Fellows is usually in the mid 30's). The Kellogg School at Northwestern also offers a 1-year MBA option to students who already have a bachelor's degree in business within 7 years of MBA matriculation. Stanford GSB offers what they call the Sloan Master's program (not to be confused with the MIT-Sloan School or the Sloan Fellows program at the MIT-Sloan School). The Stanford Sloan Masters program grants a Master of Science in Management degree, which has similarities with, but is not exactly the same as the MBA.</p>