MBA specializing in nonprofits

<p>What would be the best route for a person seeking a graduate degree who has worked in the nonprofit field for several years and wants to further his education in order to reach the top in nonprofit management-- an MBA from a program specializing in nonprofits? an MPA? a joint JD-MBA or MPA? (Is that really necessary) ? And what about a public policy, government or international relations degree? Any recommendations for good programs?</p>

<p>There's two options if you want to do non-profit.
1) MBA and take classes that focus on non-profit management
2) MPP/MPA degree</p>

<p>The two b-schools that are famous for it's strength in non-profit are:
1) Yale SOM
2) Duke - Fuqua School of Business</p>

<p>You can also consult USNWR's non-profit ranking for b-school. Although I don't think it's entirely accurate. For example, I don't think Harvard is a very good non-profit school, since most HBS students are interested in banking and MC.
Nonprofit</a> - Best Business Schools - Graduate Schools - Education - US News and World Report</p>

<p>Schools that have "gold" Net Impact status are generally good for non-profit as well.</p>