MBA w/o work experience

<p>I will be entering my senior year (4th year) in college in September. I am a humanities major, and have no formal work experience (but have had internships). I took the GMAT the previous week and received 740 on it. My GPA is 3.91 from a top-ranked North American university.</p>

<p>I know almost all MBA programs require work experience, but I would like to apply for MBA right now. So far, I have found the following programs:</p>

<p>Harvard 2+2
Yale Silver Scholars
Various other MSc Management programs</p>

<p>What I would like to know is which business schools are most friendly to applicants without work experience? For example, I know Cornell is more receptive to applicants such as myself. Are there any others?</p>

<p>I’ve never heard of someone going to a top 20 program without any work experience (your list denoted you were looking at the best ones), though that doesn’t mean it doesnt happen.</p>

<p>I’d be pretty disappointed in the program I attended had students with no experience outside of academia. I feel as though that would seriously degrade the quality of the education recieved within. The average age of students is well above 22 for a reason.</p>

<p>Not saying everyone should be business, mind you, but some exterior experience should be necessary. The MBA programs that don’t require experience typically aren’t worth attending.</p>

<p>Harvard 2+2 is the only one that I know of and you found the Silver Scholars, I think those are probably the only two elite programs that accept people straight out of UG.</p>

<p>With your academic credentials, you should be able to get a job with good prospects. Apply to the top MBA schools after you have made significant contributions to your job. Unless Stanford and Harvard business schools accept you right after UG, don’t bother with those outside of top 15.</p>

<p>As you know, more and more top business schools have more than 30% international students whose scores will rival yours. Only your work achievements distinguish you.</p>