MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain Management

<p>I will be starting school in Indiana and the only school I can get into, IU Southeast near Louisville, doesn't have a supply chain management concentration in the undergrad business program. I currently live in California and screwed up miserably with the choices I made in how I went through my general ed. classes and damaged my gpa beyond repair, which is why I can't very well go to the Kelly School of Business in Bloomington or Indianapolis. </p>

<p>I was wondering if once I move away after my undergrad to Tennessee or South Carolina, get experience in Warehouse Management, would I be able to go to a lower-tiered school like Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee State, UT Chattanooga, or Clemson and get a Logistics Management or Supply Chain Management position if I get an MBA or will the lower-tier school damage my chances in that field? I have heard that many people go to the well known schools to get their foot in the door for really big finance jobs, consulting jobs or executive positions. That really doesn't match my personality and wouldn't enjoy any positions like that. I'll probably end up with a 2.8 or 2.9 overall gpa tops by the time I finish undergrad by the way since I screwed up and am sitting on a 2.46 overall right now.</p>

<p>Before you tell me to go straight to Tennessee or South Carolina now, I have certain circumstances preventing that from happening for reasons I really can't talk about.</p>